Lightweight 3D Models with Zdog

So David DeSandro has launched a pretty incredible pseudo-3D javascript library called Zdog. Below is my first attempt at a character model with Zdog, things to note are the quirks with 'z-fighting' as this is actually just circles being stacked and not an actual 3D model some elements can appear jumpy as the engine rearranges the stacking order. With more planning i hope to come back to this and get a more smooth appearance when rotating the character.

Using the 'onDragStart' and 'onDragEnd' function in Zdog, other functions can be triggered in this example its to make different groups visible, in the future i will explore animations, that interact on mouse events.

So, click and drag the character about and see what's possible.

NOTE: this Codepen was recently added to the featured section on their side, who knew i would peak so young.

See the Pen Zdog 3d Watermelon, draggable & clickable by Clarke Nicol (@clarke-nicol) on CodePen.